Wednesday, 18 January 2012

embellished love


Embellishment is an absolute love of mine on clothing. Most of my wardrobe consists of embellished tops, shorts, skirts etc! I think beading on clothing makes it so much more elegant and beautiful considering wearing a top with no exuberance. Emebllishment just screams beauty! The detail of embellishment on clothing is naturally simplistic yet structured to create the perfect design, whether it be patterned or just simply placed to completely cover the garment. The Topshop shorts I have photographed is an example of a garment completely taken over by embellishment, which I think is thoroughly beautifully constructed.
Basing this post on a theme, I went with the tones of neutral and golds that are a wonderful epitome, they blend courageously together and many styles can be created by using exotic and darkly neutral shades.


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